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Our research-based, proven model of professional development is currently enabling thousands of educators around the country to experience the transformative power of the social Web: face-to-face in their own schools, exchanging ideas through a community of inquiry, and in re-envisioning their own personal learning practice.

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Free 21st Century Downloads

  • Connected Educator Starter Kit - 31 days of learning we created for the US DOE's Connected Educator Month
  • Twitter Handbook for Teachers - a brand new, 13-page guide for educators who are new to Twitter, or veterans to the social media platform who want to bring Twitter into their classrooms or grow their networks

The Connected Learner Experience


This is not just a sit-and-get experience. It’s not your average two-day conference that gets you excited but then leaves you wondering, “What next?” This is your chance to go deeper.

This is 7 months of coached, personalized professional learning where you will be a participant in changing your own teaching practice. You’ll co-create content in a collegial, exclusive community of practice full of other educators just like you who share your struggles and obstacles.

There will be two full day, face-to-face events — a kickoff and a culminating event — as well as five learning cycles paced out over the school year. Additionally, ongoing professional learning will take place through webinars, 1-1 coached meetings, and thought-filled discussions in a virtual community. With support and scaffolding, your team will discover a topic of interest and through a coached process, explore possibilities through the development of action research to be applied in your local setting. Learn More
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Our Voices from the Learning Revolution Blog contains stories about connected and shifted learning. Meet our Voices and be part of the revolution.

Guests and Global Visitors

If you are a guest, welcome! We hope you find useful ideas and strategies to use in your own personal learning journey and with your students in the classroom. Use the navigation bar on the left to explore the resources that are available.