Activity: Mapping the Journey
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Purpose: To help groups and individuals maintain continuity and focus and apply what was learned from team meetings.

Process: Following team meetings, suggest teams create a page or section on their wiki (if they are not utilizing a wiki, suggest they do so to chronicle transparently their journey into action research or PBL) to map the team journey and collaboratively complete that mapping together.

For each meeting, suggest the team adopt or adapt the journey map and questions found at this __Google Doc__. It can easily be copied to a wiki page and edited as needed. The team may also want to consider using these tools to house their responses:
Voicethread Spaaze.

Additionally, suggest each team member personally commit to applying what they learned in an online space of their choosing (blog, wiki, Google Site) by reflecting and then acting on the following questions following the meeting?

  • What implications does our collaborative work have for my practice between this meeting and the next?
  • What change will I make in my work with students, their families or your colleagues? What will I do?
  • Why am I planning to do this?
  • What do I hope will happen as a result of this change in my practice?
  • What steps will I take and when?
  • What supports do I need to be successful? Who can help me and what do I need from them?
  • How will I know if I’ve made progress? What evidence will I review? How will I document my own growth? Improvements in student learning?