Activity: Reflection
Adapted from:
Dana and Yendol-Hoppey, The Reflective Educator, Data Analysis, p. 119

To assist teams throughout their inquiry through thoughtful reflection. This may be used at various intervals in the planning process.

In a synchronous meeting, request that the team consider reflecting upon these questions regarding their inquiry. Ask that one team member summarize their responses to post in an online asynchronous discussion for further reflection.

  • Why did you inquire?
  • What have you seen as you have been engaged in the inquiry?
  • What has been happening?
  • What are your initial insights into what has happened?

Sense making
  • What do you notice? -- people, strategies, processes, issues, behaviors, feelings
  • How are different components of the plan aligning, fitting together?
  • What stands out?

  • What patterns can you find across the inquiry?
  • What was your initial wondering and how do these patterns inform it?
  • How is what is happening connected to
    • your teaching
    • your students
    • your curriculum
    • your classroom/school context

  • What have you learned about yourself as a teacher?
  • What are the implications of what you have learned for your teaching?
  • What changes might you make to your practice?