Activity: Reflective Guide
Adapted from: Reflective Guide, page 62, Dana and Yendol-Hoppey, The Reflective Educators Guide to Professional Development

Purpose: A reflective activity( to be used prior to meetings during which teams develop wonderings around an action research project or a PBL unit) to help teams focus on the direction they would like to go

Process: Prior to a synchronous team meeting (one at which teams will be developing wonderings) post a discussion request that team members reflect upon the following questions:

  1. What questions do we have about our practice as educators?
  2. Which of those questions most directly affect student learning? Why? How?
  3. Of the questions from number 2, which do you have a passion to learn more about with your colleagues and directly affects student learning?
  4. What student/professional work do we have that relates directly to the question?

Create and embed a __Voicethread__ in the discussion for the collaboration.
Link to a __Google Docs__ or __primary pad__ for team members to reflectively collaborate