Collaborative Work Styles

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The Compass of Work Styles: Overview
This protocol is useful for large and small groups. Its purpose is to help group members quickly discern the preferred work styles of each member. It helps us to build trust by 'naming' our most productive work style, when working in a group. It's also a great ice-breaker for groups who work on a short-term project together once or twice.

Although we have learned to compromise when we are collaborating, each of us feels more productive when we actively contribute to the group's purpose. Typically this happens when we are working in our predominant 'work style.' "No one is only one 'direction,' but everyone can choose one as his/her pre-dominant one.'

Set up 4 rooms in Blackboard Collaborate. Have the question slide in each room.
Be sure to copy the slides from the breakout rooms back to the main.

Question slide:
1. Take yourself to the room of the direction that most represents your collaborative work and decision-making style.
2. Answer the following 3 questions together in a brainstormed list:
a. What are the strengths of your work style. List 4 adjectives. (What do people with your work style contribute to the group's work?)
b. What style do you find most difficult to work with and why?
c. What words of caution do you want to offer to the other work-styles? What should they know about you, so that you can work together effectively?

Image to introduce the activity.
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