Dispositions of Connected Coaches
Shared beliefs become the foundation for the shared values held by any group who operates together, be it family, church, school, government or baseball team. The vision for any group- how it operates and the purpose for which it exists- is grounded in the values it holds. This group of Connected Coaches is no different.

Our Connected Coaches grow from their experiences and over time develop dispositions and values that influence, inform and provide a foundation for their work. Through this lens, we suspect the coaching role will take coaches themselves on a learning journey that may shift some dispositions and values to align more closely with those of a connected learner. Unlike coaching face to face, Connected Coaches develop a more specialized set of values that help them negotiate the coaching of others in an online environment. Additionally, because norms and values are generally created by the members of a specific group, it helps to have a system of beliefs that are flexible and malleable to differing perspectives. We have created a list of dispositions that we believe provide a meaningful belief system and foundation of values that will support our Connected Coaches in the work they do with a very diverse group of learners. We encourage in our coaches ---

  • Propensity for and understanding of strengths based, appreciative approaches
  • Tendency for mindfulness (paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally)
  • Commitment to understanding gained through listening and asking good questions related to practice
  • Perseverance toward deep thought by exploring ideas and concepts, rethinking, revising, and continual repacking and unpacking, resisting urges to finish prematurely
  • Courage and initiative to engage in discussions on difficult or messy topics
  • Willingness to leave one's comfort zone to experiment with new strategies
  • Commitment to deep reflection and growth over time
  • Inclination toward being open-minded, integritous, and professional
  • Dedication to the ongoing development of expertise
  • Ardor for a culture of collegiality- that "None of us is as good as all of us" and that the contributions of all can lead to improved coaching practice
  • Comfort level with and thoughtfulness for the affordances of current technology for learning