It Takes a Village

Adapted From

To identify a core belief/value of each member of the group/team and to have a conversation to explore how to make the group’s core values visible and present in their work.

1. Ask members in a discussion to:
  • reflect on and write a description of a core belief or value that they hold dear and that is related to their work.
  • create a visual representation of that core value or belief (an image) that they will share
They may choose a process for doing this or follow this process:
  • To find an image go to __http://photopin.com__.
  • Search for an image using a keyword that is specific to your core belief or value.
  • Click on the click image button on the image to download picture.
  • Go to __
  • Upload your image.
  • Add your text and apply styles that compliment your core belief or value.
  • Download your image to your computer.
  • Upload your core belief or value from your computer to the discussion by using the image icon.
  • In a response to the discussion, add the image and a description of the core belief/value

2. Then in a webinar session:
“The Ritual.”
Create a village of images. Have each member copy their image to the whiteboard and then share why they chose that value. Each member should share.

“The Conversation."
Engage in conversation around these questions--
  • What core values/beliefs emerged as themes for our group?
  • Using the creations as data, What do you now know about our group that you didn’t know before?
  • What would it take for us as a group to have these core values visible and present in the work that we do together?

  • What did you think of this experience?
  • Why do it?
  • What did you find frustrating?
  • What
  • surprised you?
  • How might you use It Takes a Village in your work setting?