Lisa Noble's Meaningful Adjacencies

Who am I?

Mom (of 2 amazingly beautiful boys), clergy spouse, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt, friend. Teacher, knitter, spinner, techie, reader, musician, follower of a faith journey.

Why am I here?
Because of being all of the above. Teaching is a vocation for me, and technology, and how it helps my students engage with the world around them, has become a HUGE part of that. I'm also a mom of two constantly inquiring digital natives, and I want to be the best teacher and learner possible right along with them.

Currently obsessed with the concept of "meaningful adjacencies". Taken from the discussion of the 9/11 memorial, and the work Canadian digital artist Jer Thorp jer thorp's blog
to make sure that every name on that monument was linked to a person that was meaningful to them in their life. How we connect, and who we connect with, and how technology helps us do that, is very much on my brain these days.

Things I love: vintage knitting patterns, astoundingly beautiful fibre, the feel of sand between my toes, canoeing the interior, laughing out loud, playing my flute in a worship band and singing harmonies, great theatre and music, my job (most days), bicycling, really good writing.
Things I don’t love so much: driving in the city, being over-tired (kind of a permanent state), people who want a lot without being willing to give back, stress

I'm a PLPeep!