3 Dimensions of Understanding

Protocol: 3 Dimensions of Understanding

Adapted from NSRF Harmony “3 Levels of Text Protocol”
To deepen understanding of a text and explore implications for participants’ work.

Facilitator (coach) and participants (team members)
All contribute to discussion

If this is an initial activity for team members, in a threaded discussion, ask participants to read given text and identify passages they feel have important implications for their work as a team. You may want to use a text around inquiry:
Stripling model of inquiry
Inquiry: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Once they have identified the passages, ask participants to return to the discussion to share their understandings in 3 dimensions.
Dimension 1: Quote the passage that they have selected
Dimension 2: Share their thoughts on the passage (interpretation, connection to past experiences)
Dimension 3: Share their perspective on the implications this has for the team’s work ahead and for their practice.

If this is for a reading later in the team’s time together, ask them to consider sharing Dimensions 2 and 3 in an audio file.

Members should respond to each other’s postings and the facilitator should ensure that there is a response to each team member’s post.

When everyone has posted, the facilitator should engage the group in a debriefing process that helps the group to synthesize their thoughts on the implications inquiry will will have on their work together.