Protocol: Chalk Talk ---a protocol for all phases of wayfinding

Adapted from:

“Chalk Talk is a silent way to do reflection, generate ideas, check on learning, develop projects or solve problems.” -- from NSRF

Since this is a silent process, it should be completed in text.

Create a discussion with a link to a Wall, Popplet or Lino board.
Padlet, Popplet and Lino would be appropriate for this. At Lino however, you would want to create a group and invite your team to join which may be more difficult (creating additional steps for both you and newbies)

Sample questions:
• What did you learn today?
• So What? or Now What?
• What do you think about social responsibility and schooling?
• How can we involve the community in the school, and the school in community?

Ask each team member to respond at least once and explore the posts of others.

In a webinar:
Create a slide with the directions for the protocol.

Create a whiteboard with one question in the middle.
Ask participants to use the "A" tool to add their responses.
Tell them they can use the line tool to draw a line to any response that resonates with them.