Protocol: Ground Rules

It is suggested that the Exploring Climate and Culture activity precede this protocol.

Adapted from:

“Starting with basic Ground Rules builds trust, clarifies group expectations of one another, and establishes points of “reflection” to see how the group is doing regarding process.” --from the NSRF protocol

Members respond to “What conditions do I need to do my best learning in this group?” creating "guidelines that create a safe space for members to make themselves professionally vulnerable" (The Reflective Educators’ Guide to Professional Development, page 28)

Create a discussion that asks members to share what each person needs in order to work productively in a group. You may want to give an example of one thing you want as a coach, for example “to have all voices heard” (This is to help people focus on process rather than product).

Link to a PiratePad that you have created (the features will allow all to see the voice of each member of the team and allow for both synchronous and asynchronous contributions).

Following each member’s listing of their needs, ask members to return to the discussion to participate in a conversation around:
  1. Can everyone can abide by the listed Ground Rules? There should be a discussion if anyone has objections to any listed.
  2. Might any of the Ground Rules might be hard for the group to follow? Highlight that one and pay attention during the process to see if it might require editing or deleting.

Whenever it may be helpful, refer to the Ground Rules as the group is collaborating. The team may want to post the Ground Rules in room.