Protocol: Tune Up
Adapted from:
Dana and Yendol-Hoppey, The Reflective Educator, p. 105

To reflect upon the action research plan or PBL unite with the intent of refining and improving it. To be done after the team has used the structure proposed and developed their ideas around each component.

Prior to a synchronous meeting (skype or Blackboard Collaborate), ask each team member to read the plan (be sure the team leader or a member have posted the plan on a Google Doc) and add comments making notes of issues they would like to raise in a discussion with this goal in mind where/ how can we improve what we have done.

Then in a synchronous meeting, request that the team go through the plan and each of the comments and discuss the merit of each and the issues around it with appreciative feedback to each member who contributed thoughts.

Action Research Tune Up Questions
As the team reviews the plan ask that they consider these questions:
  • What match seems to exist (or not exist) between the inquiry question and the assessment and evaluation?
  • Are there additional types of evidence that would give the team insights into their question?
  • Rate the doability of the plan for inquiry.
  • In what ways does the timeline align with each step they will be taking in the action research?
  • What possible disconnects do you see?
  • What are the strengths of the plan?

PBL unit Tune Up
As the team reviews their plan ask that they consider their unit from the perspective of this image (from Peter Skillen):
external image JJBk45o5IA8Sc3zA0DKpzdPEKwvz-tKTnHB7bbxsgPsSjwr_zAQD3_XUJSKruEy-YrqkkziQ4g_9mMrZ41JnHW6S7bTox4GBt1Ypqqe_zQ1OU0SXyP8
and consider these questions:
  • Is the unit aligned with standards?
  • Does it have an engaging initial introduction?
  • What forms of formative assessment are included?
  • Is there a culminating activity?
  • In what ways do students have opportunities to follow their passions?
  • How has technology enabled assessment?
  • Is assessment ongoing?
  • Do students have opportunities to develop deep understandings?
  • How have experts and/or the community been involved?

Following the discussion, ask for a summarization of what was said and facilitate the team coming to consensus on changes to make.

This can be done in an synchronous discussion or through comments on Google Docs but the process benefits from synchronous communication and hearing the passion of those involved.