Protocol: Passions profiles
Passions Profiles document:
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Purpose: To help teams realize passions that can underly decisions around designing and developing action research wonderings or PBL units

Prior to a synchronous meeting in preparation for a conversation in a synchronous meeting,
Post a discussion that asks each group member to explore the passions profile document (link to it from the discussion), and identify one profile as their passion (if they have more than one, ask that they choose one for your discussion.
After they have selected their passion, ask them them to think about one student that has been affected by the passion profile they have selected:
  • What have I done with this student?
  • What’s worked? What hasn’t?
  • What else could I do?
  • What questions does this raise for me?
Ask folks to do this individually and bring what they explored to the meeting.

In a synchronous meeting (Blackboard Collaborate, or Skype [provide access to a Google Doc for brainstorming])--
ask teachers to share their passion and their response to:
  • What is it like to have this passion—to be this kind of educator?

If there are team members who share a passion, create breakout rooms or groups for them to brainstorm as many questions as they can about their practice. If each team member’s passion is different brainstorm together as many questions as possible around questions, wonderings they have about their practice.

Finally end the meeting with the group exploring these questions:
  • What strikes you as you listen to the passions?
  • Which of the questions generated intrigues you the most? Why? How might you go about exploring this question with colleagues? What would you do first?