Agenda 8/29/12

9:00 - Arrival - Registration and Refreshments
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9:30 - Welcome/Introductions/Overview of Day
  • Housekeeping and Technologies we will use to connect throughout the day
  • Interactive Keynote:The Digital Learners are Restless
    What is 21st Century learning? Why is it important? Come gain an understanding of the shifting learning literacies that the 21st Century demands and why developing a 21st Century pedagogy is critical to student learning in a digital age. Leave with a sense of urgency for why you should shift your classroom practice toward more engaging approaches.

11:00 - Schooling for 21st Century- Unleashing Student Passion
Evidence based on exemplary practices in education suggests that new models of teaching and learning have the power to improve educational outcomes dramatically. Come learn how to have it all—including both creativity and rigor—when delivering your common core enhanced curriculum. The secret: Focus on student passion and interest.

11:45 - Lunch

12:45 - Schooling for the 21st Century: Unleashing Student Passion (Finish up)
A passionate student is a learning student. The nature, use, ownership, and purpose of knowledge are changing in profound ways as the people of the world become increasingly connected. Our goal as educators is to leverage these connections and changes as powerful means to improve teaching and learning in our schools. Come listen as Sheryl stirs a sense of urgency for shifting classroom practice toward more engaging approaches that unleash the passion that lies within each learner.

1:30 - Leveraging Collective Intelligence-Collaborative Action Planning
If using technology is so easy, why is implementation so difficult? Preparing students for the 21st Century calls for collective action of all stakeholders and this session looks at the steps needed to build momentum and garner buy-in from the entire school community. Participants will discuss ways to plan collectively and strategically for the future, & develop an action plan for 21st Century skill and curriculum building.

3:00 - Dismiss